Many people don’t realise that their superannuation fund includes insured benefits for:-

>  Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), and

>  Death.

TPD Claims

To access a TPD benefit you need to meet the applicable definition of TPD (which varies between the various funds). Most policies require you to have an injury or illness which has caused you to be off work for at least six months, and that it is likely that due to that injury or illness you will not be able to work to your pre-injury or illness capacity again. 

People sometimes are unaware that they can pursue a TPD claim because they have returned to work from their injury or illness. However, even if you are not losing income you may be able to meet the definition of TPD if you cannot fulfil the duties you performed prior to your injury or illness.

Also, your incapacity for work from your injury or illness does not need to be work-related, so if you have been injured playing sport or while renovating your house, or whatever other circumstance, you can still pursue a TPD claim.

If you are in any doubt about whether you can pursue a TPD claim or challenge a decision to decline a TPD claim, you should contact Mark for a free initial appointment. 

Income Protection Claims

If you have an income protection policy then you might find it difficult to obtain a benefit from such policy when you need it. If you are in this highly frustrating position you should contact Mark to discuss your options, as the insurer’s initial decision to reject the claim may be incorrect and able to be challenged. 

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Navigating the Legal System

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