If you have had a claim declined by an insurer in respect to either:-

  1. Property damage to a house, car, or boat, or other asset;
  2. A claim against a Private Health Fund or Travel insurer,
  3. Or any other policy of insurance,

then you may have the right to challenge the insurer’s decision. Insurers often decline claims with the knowledge that the insured person will not challenge their decision and the insurer will avoid having to pay a meritorious claim.

If you are in this situation then you should at least contact Mark and allow him to look at your policy and the decision of the insurer and provide you with advice about whether you are in a position to challenge the insurer’s claim. The initial appointment is free. After viewing the policy and letter from the insurer, Mark will likely to be able to indicate whether it is worthwhile challenging the insurer’s decision to decline liability for your claim.

For any questions about Insurance Law contact Mark on (02) 4225 2677 or get in touch.

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