You may have had a situation at work that could lead to a claim for:

Discrimination, bullying and harrassment

If you have been subject to workplace discrimination, harassment, or bullying then you may have a claim against your employer depending on the situation. If so, strict time limits apply to pursue such a claim, and you should contact Mark immediately to discuss your situation and potential legal options. Remember your initial appointment is free.

Unfair/Unlawful Dismissal

If you have been dismissed from your employment in a situation which you believe was unfair, unjust or unlawful then you might be entitled to a claim against your employer. Again, very strict time limits apply to such claims so don't delay in obtaining legal advice.


You may have been offered a voluntary redundancy or been made redundant from your employment, and again may have additional legal entitlements as a result of your employer's actions. Factors such as your:-     

>  period of employment prior to redundancy,

>  remuneration level from your employment,

>  employment contract, and

>  the circumstances of the redundancy,

are relevant to whether you may have the right to an additional amount to that offered/provided to you by your employer, and if you are in any doubt about this you should obtain legal advice.

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